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Trading Cards = Value

As an active member in any Trading Card Game (TCG), participants can use cards to barter for other cards, products, currency, or services. Cards hold value, and we believe in its value because of the markets that have been created to honor its value.

As this site develops, we shall provide additional services that will extend to our patrons what they are accustomed to expecting as though meeting us in-person:

  1. KGT Connection will enable patrons to trade their cards in for products.

a. Trades will be communicated via email and/or social media messenger.

b. There will be an agreed upon, adjusted value for the patron's cards depending on:

I. Market value

II. Condition

III. Looming Ban-List

IV. Announced Reprints

c. Trades are finalized upon agreement when both sides are content with the exchange.

d. Once the exchange has taken place, the action can not be undone for trivial matters.

2. KGT Connection will purchase cards / collections / bulk from patrons.

a. We shall establish a rate of exchange for the aforementioned product categories.

b. Patrons are required to submit a request and include:

I. Product Category

II. Point of Contact & Availability (hours/days)

III. Description & Images of [Product Category]

IV. Means of Sending / Delivering [Product Category]

i. We shall provide extra accommodations to local Patrons.

ii. We shall determine an adjustment cost for shipping based on amount.

These features are intended to provide Patrons with a means to participate and interact with us from both near and far. KGT Connections wishes to honor the spirit of Trading Card Games the way it was intended, but in a fashion that can keep up with the times. We hope you'll trade with us!

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