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We Create Custom Orders!

At KGT Central, we are dedicated to serving our community! In terms of TCG (Trading Card Game) products, we go out of our way to reach out to artists to render stunning, remarkable quality images that are then rendered onto mats, field centers, tokens, and other accessories.

The products we generate are a testament to the times. As an example, here is "Baby Yoda with a Duel-Disk". Who in their right-mind would want to be caught with this token in their possession? Well, we would!

A lot of times, people wish to see something different in their trading card game environment. Outside of the cards, what can change? Well, the answer is the paraphernalia, or peripheral products.

So when we hear a good idea like, "I would love to see a Baby Yoda token", we make it happen! Seeing people enjoy product designs brings us joy because we helped make someone's wish come true.

Games are meant to be enjoyed, and we do our part by making them memorable.

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