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Local Legends:
Trading Card Game Fair

Last Updated: 07/16/2023

We are huge fans of community building, outreach, and collaboration. As we have attended card shows and visited local game shops [LGS], we feel that the two seem connected, but not in a transparent way.

We then decided that we should bridge the openness of a card show with community warmth we feel when the locals visit their LGS. This event is intended to showcase with the general public the dynamics that take place in a card shop.

We hope you find delight in the hobbies and entertainment that bring us comfort and a sense of belonging.

Event Details [Facebook Event Invite]


July 30, 2023


New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center

97 Sunfield Avenue

Edison, NJ 08837


11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Entry Fee

$5 per Person

Event Floor Plan

Tournaments & Tutorials [PDF]

One Piece - Case Tournament 12 PM

Yu-Gi-Oh! - PS5 Tournament 12 PM

Digimon - Case Tournament 2 PM

Pokémon - 8-Man Tournaments + Tutorials

  • Throughout the event

Shadowverse Evolved - Tutorials​

  • Throughout the event

Product Offerings

Event Policies

Online Ticket Purchase

$5.5 per Person

(You can purchase by clicking image below)

No product

What to Expect

Prestige Gaming & Accessories is partnering with Cardbrokers LLC to host a

Trading Card Game Fair at the NJ Convention Center called "Local Legends"!

We are bringing the Local Game Shops [LGS] and Vendors who support the

Trading Card Game [TCG] community together for festive and competitive collaboration.

Meet LGS and Vendor Pic.png

Meet Local Store Owners/Vendors

Get to know the Store Owners and Vendors who are pillars within the TCG community! Have a chat about what you like about the game, how you got involved, and meet others who share similar stories / interests.

buy sell trade pic.png

Buy / Sell / Trade

Bring in your cards or collections to trade with the many people who will be onsite. There will also be cards and sealed products for sale; or, you can sell your cards / collections to the Vendors.

*Vendors have priority when interacting with an attendee at their table.

Gameplay Pic.png

Play in Tournaments

Come play in our tournaments for attractive prizes. We are currently hosting tournaments for One Piece, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokémon. 

Galar legendary birds-wide 14 x 24.jpg

Our Local Legends

Our Team.

We are proud to introduce our team of hosts, tournament organizers, and vendors for Local Legends! This event is a concept we wish to see happen; a public event to view every aspect of the Trading Card Game universe we experience throughout a tournament season.


Having experiences years of vending, observing the market, travel to different venues and participating numerous competitive events, we are now ready to share our journey in a collaborative, festive fashion.


Each member has a unique focus on Trading Card Game singles, sealed product, customized accessories, rare cards, Pop figures, strong communities, and more. Stop by their booths to learn more about their offerings and events going on.

Illustrious Cards & Games

Illustrious Cards and Games [ICG] has stepped up to the plate to serve the trading card game [TCG] community in the Fords / Woodbridge area of New Jersey. The staff are friendly, and the store caters to many games including One Piece, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, Vanguard, and more. Nick, the store owner, strives to build a community and environment that is fair and transparent for his patrons. When open, you are likely to find people practicing or playing in a local tournament. Stop by for an enjoyable experience.

ICG Logo.jpg


Rare Monopoly, when seen at a card show, has a stunning display. A wall of Pop figures, tables and binders of singles from varying card games, and some sealed products sprinkled around. Gian, the owner, is very eclectic in his taste for cards and collectibles. He likes to carry the best and is always looking for a good deal on pickups. You can check him out on Instagram for some highlights on merch and sales.

rare.monopoly logo.jpg


Some of the items created by Tapiocards define an era of gameplay. Kevin and his partner have been on the Yu-Gi-Oh! scene for years, and it shows with their attention to detail regarding accessories. Over sleeves, metal field centers, dice, deck boxes, and binders are a portion of the portfolio they have come to be known for. These items and more can be ordered on their website

TC Logo.jpg

Incredible Collectibles

There is a literal "incredible collection" of sealed modern and vintage Pokémon singles in John's collection available for purchase! In addition, he will have comics 

Incredible Collections logo.png

JB Gaming Labs

JB Gaming Labs has a well-rounded portfolio of card games. They have attended many events, and they have excellent bedside manner with collectors and enthusiasts alike. On their site, they offer sealed product, video games, toys, comics, and board games. You will always find interesting items when visiting  JB's booth.


Phenomenal Games

Do you have a Pokémon or other TCG (trading card game) lover in your life? Maybe want to try something different, or connect with new friends? Phenomenal Games is the place for you! Specializing in Yu Gi Oh, they have the largest inventory in South Jersey, and can build any deck! Offering tournaments, open play, and video games - there is something for everyone, at every level of interest. Owner Dave is welcoming and kind, with a deep desire to build community and provide a haven for local youth. Our kind of business! Let’s give Phenomenal Games a warm welcome to Lindenwold - tell them Love Lindenwold sent you! Buy/sell/trade/play

PG Logo.jpg

Primal Game Shop

The Primal Game Shop is dedicated to providing excellent service and carries Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! products. Xavier, the owner, has been passionate about each game since childhood, thus he can relate to other collectors and competitors alike. He has attended many card shows, and his staff will be providing tutorials on how to play Pokémon. He also streams on Twitch, check it out sometime!

PGS logo.png

One More Collectible

The catchy name is not for show; stopping by Luis' booth, you may pick up one more Pokémon collectible. Being on the vendor side for multiple card shows, One More Collectible Buys, Sells, and Trades Pokémon products singles, sealed, and slabs. He also dabbles with sports cards. Check him out on Instagram too: onemore_collectible

One More Collectible logo.png


The type of pins you can purchase from Pinzord are surreal. Samples of these pins can be seen on the Facebook page. Some designs include Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Naruto, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and more. Maamoun keeps up with the latest trends and makes sure to keep his clients satisfied with quality products and professional customer service.

Pinlord! logo.jpg
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